Benefits Of Astrology

The Sunlight-The Sun is the lord of twelfth house. If powerful, conjunct or aspected by benefics gives extremely good outcomes, e.g. finance, estates, health, and fane. A weak and stricken Sun in his dasa bhukti causes eye difficulty, much costs and penalties from government.

Today each individuals think on astrology which makes life very simple in every condition. You can predict and know everything in progress by great Astrologer in California. I thing without astrology life is as well tough because it has make as a need of every day life such as in education, healthcare, business, profession, and about child. With astrology we can make a bright feature of ours family associates.

Saturn is inauspicious ant not fruitful due to its place in dashmeah and ekadesh and dut to the enemy of lagnesh mars. In third location Saturn will be in the friendly home of Gemini signal. You may be a awful person and always try to tarnish the other's function. Your brother might always have some difficulty specially your more youthful brother. Therefore you may be an officer. You may get revenue from agency work, songs and video pictures.

7th home is associated with the assault, with the overt problem. It is the first home over the horizon and from now on the sport can be played openly.The eighth house is associated with traps and pitfalls, the most dangerous phase of the sport, when the assault might fall short and this would lead to a keyattack. If the assault is effective, the opponent's defence line can be broken and some of his items taken: the eighth home is the turned 2nd home (items) from the 7th home (opponent).

The Rooks are also named Castles, therefore are associated with Saturn. Since they transfer only horizontally or vertically. As the ideogram of Venus is a formed of a circle with a cross below it, we might say that the Rooks are functionally associated with Venus. So, the Rooks' character is just like Saturn or Venus.

Sun is really fruitful in Aries click here Ascendant due to Panchmesh Trikonapati. Sunlight will be self-planetary in Leo sign in fifth place. You may be a majestic person as a king. You may be rewarded or presented by the government. You may be familiar with all the astrological phrases. You might get greater education. Your luck might be shine following the beginning of your son. You may be blessed with a high profile son. You may get a government occupation. You might get the victory in authorities fields and courtroom instances.

Can these incidents be predicted in advance? Astrologers of yesteryears like Varahmihir could forecast that son of Vikramaditya will be killed by Varaha (wild boar). The king took all precautions to save his son and made a fortress in which there was no chance of any wild boar to enter. Varahmihir insisted that the loss of life cannot be stopped by any human intervention. Only great Rishis like Vasishta could reverse the karma of the Prince.

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